California Drought Conditions Still Affecting Homes for Sale in Lafayette CA

by Ron
April 23, 2015

California DroughtThe water crisis is still a top of mind issue for many Californians, and this is especially true for homeowners. Homes with lush green lawns and colorful and delicate flowering gardens in need of constant watering are a thing of the past for the state, entering into its fourth year of mandatory water restrictions. The newest conservation requirements are sending homeowners to the nearest nursery in search of drought resistant lawn replacements. Positioning homes for sale in Lafayette CA during this drought can be particularly stressful. Well-manicured lawns and beautifully cultivated landscapes are typically major selling points for homeowners, but water conservancy in the California have turned this real estate ideal on its head. Buyers in the Lafayette CA real estate market are looking for homes with drought resistant lawns and may even be willing to pay a little extra to find these low maintenance landscapes.

Low Maintenance Landscapes

We’ve discussed the many ways that you can alter your indoor water consumption, but because yards are living ecosystems, it’s a considerably harder challenge. The reality of the drought is that water is a premium resource that we must all share, so finding a way to use fewer gallons of water around the house has become the goal of most California homeowners. There are stories here and here about homeowners who have all but abandoned watering their lawns, but more favorable alternatives exist. Allowing your lawn to go brown is obviously not an ideal solution. As noted, cutting back the water usage on the wrong type of lawn will result in brown, and wilted grass that is hardly the curb appeal desired for homes for sale in Lafayette CA. The California Water Service Company (Cal Water) has a very helpful list of drought resistant and low water plants that will thrive in the current conditions. All the plants on their list are regionally appropriate for the state and use fewer gallons of water than most current landscaped features.  

Conservancy Irrigation Plans

The Lafayette CA real estate market is directly impacted by the drought and the subsequent mandatory restrictions. Many organizations throughout the state have collaborated to create guides for homeowners and landscapers. From proper planting to conservation friendly irrigation plans, homeowners have all the tools they need to make their contribution to this important and mandatory effort. An irrigation plan was created by The University of California, Davis explaining irrigation zones and water quantity. By using irrigation timers to water your lawn, you ensure that your lawn is receiving the benefit of being watered during the optimal time of day.

EBMUD Savings for Low Water Lawns

At the beginning of the year, homes for sale in Lafayette CA qualified for the East Bay MUD water bill rebates. These rebates can be applied toward upgraded irrigation systems and low water improvements.  Rebates up to $2500 can be received for making cost effective and low water upgrades like converting from a sprinkler system to drip irrigation. Interested homeowners should contact EBMUD and submit to a pre-inspection. Written approval is required before beginning your upgrade project, and everything must be completed within six months of the approved paperwork. There are a few more details regarding qualification, so make a point to review the website before beginning. Their site also includes a full list of approved low water plants covered in their rebate program. All this and other relevant information may be found by visiting the EBMUD website.