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Trading Down — A Retirement Funding Strategy

During our journey through Lafayette real estate sales and in the broader Lamorinda and surrounding real estate communities, we frequently encounter clients who are seeking to “downsize” in order to help fund their retirement. With kids off to college or in the workforce, they’ve decided that they no longer need the large home.  In …

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The Road Ahead for Lafayette Real Estate and the Greater Lamorinda Area

If you talk to any active real estate professional in the Lafayette real estate market, or anywhere in Lamorinda, they’ll tell you that this has been a challenging year for sellers, particularly as you cross above the $1M price point.  Managing expectations, the realities of market price levels, and the stress of protracted market …

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The Sun Has Emerged, But Not In Lamorinda’s Upper End Real Estate Market

The month of April gave many people in the Lamorinda real estate market hope that we were embarking upon a recovery in the upper end market segment.  With seven $2M+ homes pending within the first 3 weeks of April, it almost seemed like a return to the days of irrational exuberance. Fortunately, we haven’t …

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