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Vendors of Prey in Lafayette CA Real Estate

It’s my goal to sleep well each night and wake up the next morning looking at myself in the mirror knowing that I’ve always been truthful and completely transparent in both my personal and business life.  As I’ve always tried to teach my kids, once you lose your integrity, it’s very difficult to get …

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Preparing Your Home for Market

A very substantial segment of our business in Lamorinda real estate is the listing of homes for sale.  Undoubtedly, the number one question that is raised by our clients pertains to what they should do to prepare the home for market. Most of the time, sellers want to discuss the cosmetic preparatory items, but …

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Home Inspections… Be Honest, Be Accountable, and Be Real.

We live in a litigious business environment where people are often afraid of their own shadows and personal accountability is, at times, almost non-existent.  A recent article about the downfall of a well-respected local contractor brought this issue to light, coupled with a series of experiences that I’ve had with home inspectors over the …

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