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Considerations When Evaluating a Lafayette CA Real Estate Agent

This is a continuation of our last post regarding buyer representation by a Lafayette CA real estate agent, and the profound financial impact that making the wrong choice can have for buyers.  In that post, we discussed the vantage point we have within the Lafayette market because we list a substantial quantity of homes …

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Facts That Every Buyer of Lafayette Real Estate Should Know

This may initially come across as a sales pitch for our team’s real estate services.  Perhaps, indirectly it is, but we are realistic enough to understand that we can’t and won’t have every prospective purchaser of Lafayette real estate working with us.  Really, this is written from the perspective of simply trying to help …

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A Look at the Lamorinda Real Estate Market YTD 2011 and What Lies Ahead

Let’s look at our local market as we work our way into the last quarter of the year and near the end of October.  Inventories have decreased significantly from this time last year… running about 25%+ below where they were last year.  In fact, we have been experiencing about 3 months of inventory in …

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Fall in Lamorinda Real Estate… Travels Abroad

For those wondering if I fell off the globe for a few weeks, the answer is, “sort of”.  There never is an ideal time to take time off in this business, so early this year we planned an adventure to Italy and Croatia for early September.  The trip was epic, but the internet connectivity …

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The Problem with Online Listings

An article in the latest issue of Smart Money Magazine called, “Where Real Estate Listings Fail,” really rang true with my experience in dealing with many of the “major” real estate websites.  What few consumers realize is that many of the listings they see on sites like Trulia, Zillow, and many others is full …

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