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What Brexit Might Mean for Lafayette Real Estate

As a business professor at UC Berkeley once said in his lecture, “You could circle the globe with all of the economists on earth and ask them to point in the direction of the economy, yet you’ll find that they are all pointing in the wrong direction.”  Much the same seems to be happening …

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Lamorinda Real Estate — Bidding Wars at Fair Market Value

In the last couple of months, the majority of homes that we’ve brought to market have had multiple offers, with a concentration in the price segments below about $1.2M.  The swift change in the market tide has caught buyers off-guard, since it represented such a profound shift from the past several years.  In spite …

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Lamorinda Real Estate Market Forecast For 2012

I’m quietly stirring my healthful cup of green tea this morning as I carefully read the tea leaves and try to carefully craft my predictions for 2012 Lamorinda real estate.  Let’s begin with the broader economy and work our way to greater specificity: 1.  Volatility will persist in the US financial markets:  Volatility is …

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