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Stager Suggestions For Marketing Homes For Sale In Lafayette CA

Properly staging homes for sale in Lafayette CA can make the difference between a quick sale and a long, frustrating sales experience, which is why we always involve one of our stagers in the marketing of our properties.  The stager is critically important to the process of  properly “packaging” a home to appeal to the most likely …

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Zillow’s Move — Affecting Homes for Sale in Lafayette CA ? | Team Rothenberg

Our real estate universe is rather small.  We tend to focus on homes for sale in Lafayette CA, as well as the broader regional market, but we live in the San Francisco Bay Area — one of the most robust technology centers in the word.  I try to stay on top of the technology …

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Is the End Near for the MLS for Lafayette CA Real Estate? | Team Rothenberg

One of the things that initially  jumped out at me when I started my Lafayette CA real estate career was how behind the curve the industry was with the adoption of new technology, and how crazy the MLS was.  The MLS made sense when realtors used to get a weekly book of the current …

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Lafayette CA Real Estate — The “Look” of Real Estate Marketing

With all of the potentially conflicting economic information that has been circulating throughout the media in recent days… stock market up, earnings up, Amazon.com sales down, housing markets slow…., it would have been easy to write another financial post. As one of my business school professors once said, “If you lined up all of …

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