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What’s “QR” About Lamorinda Real Estate?

Since it’s Friday, let’s have some fun!  So what the heck is this thing?: Possible answers: a)  A mini-Roshak inkblot test b)  A thumbnail-sized version of a SF Museum of Modern Art piece c)  An impressionist photo of ants running through a maze d)  An abundance of information crammed into a little box about …

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Lafayette CA Real Estate — The “Look” of Real Estate Marketing

With all of the potentially conflicting economic information that has been circulating throughout the media in recent days… stock market up, earnings up, Amazon.com sales down, housing markets slow…., it would have been easy to write another financial post. As one of my business school professors once said, “If you lined up all of …

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Real Estate Technology… A Historical Contradiction in Terms

With nothing blaring in the news today about real estate, I’ve decided to jump on my soap box and talk about something that I’m quite passionate about.  From my earliest days in the business world, I’ve been fascinated with the use of information technology to achieve competitive advantage.  In fact, I probably owe this …

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