Feeling Cluttered in Lamorinda?

by Ron
May 15, 2011

Since it’s a weekend, let’s keep the subject matter light today!  One of the frequent issues we hear from long time Lamorinda residents as they contemplate selling their home, are their concerns about how they are going to organize and begin the process of getting rid accumulated belongings from many years of living in the same house.  It can be a daunting process, especially for people with more limited physical capabilities as they get older.

Sometimes we find things out-of-control as kids move out, other life changes occur, or simply due to the fact that we are too busy in our professional lives to devote the time needed to get as organized as we’d like to within our home.    Well, now there is a new Lamorinda resource available to help you with getting organized!  Long time Lafayette resident, Laura Waal, spent about 14 years in corporate event planning, as she honed her organizational skills.  She just started “Organize Me Now!”, offering a wide array of organizing services, from getting ready to downsize your home, overcoming home clutter, to setting up the organization and systematization of a home office.

To discuss your organizational challenges with Laura, just click on the website link above, or give her a call at (925)283-3361 .

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