Homes for Sale in Lafayette CA Affected by California Water Crisis

by Ron
March 26, 2015

The need to conserve water in Lafayette CAThe California Water Crisis

After years of decreasing rainfall totals and reductions in reservoir water storage levels, Californians and those relocating to the market now more than ever must commit to water preservation. The shortage of water in the state is not only alarming because of the lack of an irreplaceable resource, but also because of the subsequent drain on electricity resources. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that saving water in your home can limit carbon emission from power plants. So, water conservancy isn’t just saving water; it’s also reducing carbon emission and protecting air quality.

As much as 20 percent of all the electricity generated in California is used to deliver water to drought-affected areas. Electricity is used to pump and deliver water to cities throughout the state, so water efficiency will provide tremendous relief to the limited resources of our beautiful home. The East Bay Municipal District serves Homes for Sale in Lafayette CA. Issues of water conservation should be discussed with you’re Lafayette CA realtor who likely will have suggestions for resources that can aid in saving water, such as landscapers who specialize in drought tolerant plantings, or irrigation specialists knowledgeable about low flow drip systems.

Homebuyers and Sellers are the First Line of Defense

Buyers and sellers asking what they can do need look no further than their water-dependent indoor and outdoor appliances. Kitchens, bathrooms, and lawns can make a noticeable difference in water usage when outfitted with water-efficient appliances. Products like low-flow toilets and high-efficiency washing machines can reduce indoor water usage by as much as 30 percent. Landscape design is another area of potential water savings. Drought resistant or well-seeded lawns will conserve water in the hottest summer months. Current residents who have homes for sales in Lafayette CA will particularly want to maintain the care of their property outfitted with irrigation systems. They should be regularly maintained to ensure they are working properly and efficiently. Homes on nontraditional lots with steep slopes should monitor water runoff and system over-usage. These simple changes and home monitoring will not only ensure that homes for sale in Lafayette CA are conserving this valuable resource, but also yield savings in water cost to the new owners.

Direct Questions about Water Conservation to Your Lafayette CA Realtor

As Realtors selling homes in Lafayette CA, we are ever mindful of the important role we play in water conservancy. Home usage represents a significant portion of all water consumed in the area. Homeowners in the East Bay Municipal District can contact the agency to take advantage of conservation programs offered to customers free of charge. In fact, EBMUD may still be offering a program whereby you can receive credits for removing lawn from your property.  Many utilities provide water evaluations and rebates to encourage upgrade to indoor and outdoor water efficient devices. The majority of what we can do in California to offset the water shortage can be done inside our homes.