Lafayette CA Homes for Sale Benefit From Renovations and Staging

by Ron
January 27, 2016

Staging and Renovation Can Add value to Lafayette CA homes for saleHome staging and renovation are key means used to improve the attractiveness of a home before it is listed for sale. While it has been forecasted that this year will be somewhat similar to last year’s, in most cases we recommend Lafayette CA homes for sale should be professionally staged by one of our experienced designers prior to going on-market.   In many cases, we will also recommend limited, “face lifts” for certain homes where we believe that there will be a very high return on your investment.   According to Realtor.com, property enhancement and home staging have been statistically proven as means to increase the sale price of a property.

According to recent national reports, homes staged professionally tend to sell for more than 17% above similar homes not staged or renovated.  We believe that those statistics are much too general and are overstated for Lafayette CA homes for sale.   The value enhancement is significant with staging because it helps to present your home in a manner consistent with how buyers want to see it.  Values are elevated with staging, but not typically in the double-digit range.  However, accompanying renovations or minor “face lifts” of your home can offer the largest return on investment, and propel value enhancement into the range suggested by the above study.

In addition to the financial benefits of adequately preparing a home to be listed, there are also advantages in the form of shorter market time. Lafayette CA homes for sale that are staged or renovated before listing can be sold at a rate that is statistically 2.5 times faster than those sold and listed “as is.” The more quickly a home sells, the higher the realized sales price.  The longer a home is on the market, the more the market discounts its price.

When considering renovation and design elements to enhance your home prior to sale,  reviewing some of the more popular trends for 2016 in the compilation below could also prove helpful:

  1. Pastels: Pastel colors have been long associated with a bygone era of décor. While it may be hard to believe, decorators have predicted that softer tones like pale yellows, greens and peaches will integrate the color palette this year. These tones will be represented in both soft and hard materials used to furnish homes like furniture and window treatments.  With that said, we always tend to steer clients away from trendy colors and themes, and to stick to classically tasteful design elements.
  1. Wood and natural components: Craftsman furniture and reclaimed wooden additions will continue to be a popular style choice for buyers shopping for Lafayette CA homes for sale. The popularity of these pieces will exceed that of furniture of a more mass-produced appearance.
  1. Green concepts: Environmentally conscious buyers will seek homes that align with their sensibilities. They favor homes that are healthy and cleanly designed using sustainable products. These homes will also be alluring if they are minimal and multifunctional in their design. This concept is especially true in high use rooms like kitchens and great rooms.  While green homes are very important for sustaining our environment, we don’t believe that sellers derive the complete associated costs upon resale.  On the other hand, sellers should avoid composite materials that are known for off-gassing and may pose health risks to some, or steer others away from your home due to health concerns.
  1. Stainless Steel Appliances: A streamlined and modern kitchen that is both functional and sleek will draw more interest than one with countless features. Buyers are looking for kitchens with highly functional, high quality appliances that stand up to the wear and tear of family, entertaining, and everyday use. Investing in renovations that improve these qualities in your kitchen can be a very financially wise investment.

Overspending is always a concern for sellers when preparing a property for listing.  We frequently counsel prospective clients on where they will see a favorable return on investment, and where they are better off saving their money.  Strategically investing in your home prior to sale can yield a substantial ROI.