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by Ron
July 5, 2014
Category:   City of Lafayette CA

Potential Smart Parking in Lafayette CA Real Estate

Getting "Smart" in Lafayette CA Real Estate

Getting “Smart” in Lafayette CA Real Estate

The reality of “smart” parking along the streets of our Lafayette CA real estate is yet another step closer to reality.  Reflecting the attraction of high tech to Lafayette and the exciting vitality we are seeing in our vibrant downtown, the city is evaluating a very attractive new proposal from Streetline Products for the no-cost implementation of their integrated “smart parking” system.

Their original proposal had upfront costs for the city, but a recently amended proposal offered our city no costs associated with the system for the first 10 years, and no obligation to keep the system beyond that period of time.  The implementation and operational costs would be covered by advertising revenues derived from ads served to those utilizing the parking app on their smart phones.

According to the proposal, the Streetline solution is comprehensive — including approximately 800 “hockey puck” type sensors installed in all of the city’s inventory of downtown parking.  The sensors would be networked across this expanse of prime Lafayette CA real estate, then tied into Streetline’s system that includes a suite of hosted web and mobile applications, analytics and reporting.  The benefits of this type of system are many.

Users will be able to launch the City of Lafayette’s parking application and quickly see where parking is presently available in the downtown area.  In most cases, our perception of insufficient parking is usually due to our lack of knowledge of where available parking inventory is located.  The inventory may span both public and privately offered alternatives.  Those parking will be able to see existing inventory on a graphical map display resident on the smart phone app, and be guided to an available parking spot.  They will also be able to pay for the meter directly from their phone, instead of fumbling for coins or using a credit card with the newer smart meters.  Addressing one of the most frequent complaints heard by the city police, the system will offer people a grace period and notify them of a pending parking expiration, prior to them being ticketed.

The Potential for Lafayette CA -- Know About Your Parking Meter Expiration

The Potential for Lafayette CA — Know About Your Parking Meter Expiration

One of the most wonderful aspects of owning a a home in Lafayette is the ability to get involved as a member of the community.  We have seen the strong resident involvement in Lafayette across all aspects of life in our wonderful town — whether it is in our highly esteemed school system, the incredible financial and volunteer support for our Lafayette Library and Learning Center, or in city planning.  City Manager, Steven Falk, has been asked to take the lead in the negotiations regarding this very interesting parking initiative.  If you support it or simply want more information, you should let the City of Lafayette know.