Lafayette CA Real Estate Staging

by Ron
February 23, 2015
Lafayette CA real estate staging

An example of the staging of Lafayette CA real estate by our professional designer/stager.

You don’t need to be a fan of HGTV to have heard of “home staging.”  Within the more sophisticated consumer markets, such as locally with Lafayette CA real estate, staging a home for sale is the norm.  By definition, it is the practice of preparing a home for sale so that it shows optimally for buyers. Prior to the movement toward home staging, the homeowners simply stored clutter, cleaned the house, and put away unnecessary objects before showing their home.

We consider staging an absolute necessity for most homes.  It’s an art that reflects understanding what the market values and expects in a home, and then reshaping the look of a client’s home to best reflect the desires of today’s buyers.  We utilize two full-time, professional stagers on our Lafayette CA real estate team, and feature the staging as an integral part of our marketing plan.

Our goal is maximize the appeal of a client’s home, enhance the perceived size of the rooms, and position furniture so that it photographs at its best for the all-important online presentation.  Keep in mind that most buyers make their initial judgement of a home online, NOT in-person.  Crafting a strong online presentation of a home begins with staging, but it is far more involved.

As an example, we utilize one of the best architectural photographers available in today’s marketplace, and for certain properties, even integrate aerial video to help consumers understand the property online before they see it in person.  To complement the well-staged home, we are also featuring an online floor plan when our client has an available set of architectural drawings.  This is an immense aid to consumers in understanding a home, and “selling” its qualities online before they even see it “live”.  In fact, click on this link for a great example of why we had multiple buyers wanting to write offers on this Lafayette CA home for sale within hours of it going online!

On a national basis, home staging is sort of a mixed bag, and the level of sophistication is rather low compared to what we in the major U.S. markets.  The National Association of Realtors did a profile of home staging for 2015.  The profile indicated that realtors representing buyers indicated that only 49% were influenced by home staging and 47% were not. I guess that 4% of the agents must have been asleep for the study!  Among sellers’ agents, only 34% stage every home they show, 13% stage only those homes that they predict will be harder to sell, and only 4% stage only luxury homes.  Nationally, listing agents seem to perceive staging to be more much more important than buyers’ agents do.

Given the fact that the NAR study showed that the national average cost for home staging was only $675, it sounds like the “staging” might be limited to some pillows and bed spreads — much different from what we see here with Lafayette CA real estate staging.