Lafayette Realtor Blog Voted Among Best in the Country

Lafayette Realtor Blog Voted Among the top real estate blogs for 2016.Who would have ever thought that a Lafayette Realtor would write a micro-market, Lafayette CA real estate blog, and then have it selected as one of the top real estate resources in the United States!?  When I first set out to write this blog, I certainly never thought that it would ever achieve that stature, but thanks to an ever-building readership base, and its prominent visibility online, it was discovered and evaluated recently by FitSmallBusiness.com in today’s featured article on The Best Real Estate Blogs of 2016.  It’s an honor to be selected and featured among some very well-written and heavily subscribed blogs.

Objectives for this Lafayette Real Estate Blog

From the standpoint of being a Lafayette Realtor, my objective is and has always been to create informative, engaging content that provides an honest and in depth view of the market that is generally not found elsewhere among available local real estate resources.  I’ve always believed that my role is really more akin to being a professional consultant who is retained by client to help them achieve the best real estate outcome, whether it is purchasing a home or selling one.  Understanding the market is one of the fundamental elements of properly counseling our clients, as well as having an underlying belief system that places the client’s best interest above simply consummating another transaction.  That simple, but under-represented operating principal frees us to earn a very high level of trust with our clients by always being honest and fully forthcoming with our recommendations.  In some cases, it may mean suggesting that a buyer or seller wait until the market is more favorably disposed to having them achieve their desired outcome.

Understanding Our Markets as a Lafayette Realtor

Markets ebb and flow.  They all interpret the macro economic factors slightly differently that drive the world or California economy.  As an example, I suspect that the turbulence we saw in the tech sector earlier this year did not have a major impact on real estate markets in the midwest, or most of the east coast outside of NY or Boston.  Our Bay Area markets are fueled by the tech, biotech, financial services and health care sectors, but tech dominates.  Volatility in tech has translated into some softening of 2016 prices, particularly centered in the luxury segments of the respective Bay Area markets.  As a Lafayette Realtor, understanding the dynamic changes in the tech market can translate into providing better counsel to clients on the purchase or marketing of their homes.

Fit Small Business Best Real Estate Blog 2016Whether you are an existing client or prospective buyer or seller, you’ll always find this Lafayette estate blog to provide an unbiased, informed opinion of current or emerging issues and trends in our market.  Now, I simply need to figure out what “Brexit” means for our real estate markets!  Stay tuned!