Need Help Around the Home in the world of Lamorinda Real Estate??

It’s Friday in the world of Lamorinda Real Estate, so I’m going to take a less serious approach to today’s post.  Then again, depending upon the needs of your household, this post may be one of the most useful you’ve read in quite awhile!  We’ll see.

Whether we are venturing through our cozy world of Lafayette real estate, where we tend to encounter the most clients, or the broader universe of Lamorinda, we frequently are asked for recommendations for handymen, electricians, and other trades people.  Sometimes the needs of our Lamorinda real estate clients aren’t that specific… perhaps they just need some help packing boxes, running errands, decluttering, etc.  So… let me introduce you to an amazing new resource — TaskRabbit.

Just about 3 years ago, Leah Busque founded TaskRabbit, recognizing the significant amount of skilled and unskilled talent that was either unemployed or was resident in people who simply had additional time on their hands.  Additionally, there was an understanding that lots of us have unfulfilled needs for tasks in our busy lives that we’d love to be able to outsource to trustworthy people.  TaskRabbit does a brilliant job of bringing people together on their site — those with unfilled needs for tasks to be completed, and those seeking to fullfill tasks (TaskRabbits).

To make this marketplace more appealing, TaskRabbit.com actually vets the prospective TaskRabbits, doing extensive background checks to make sure you are hiring trustworthy people.  Additionally, they’ve created transparency in the market by allowing the people who’ve hired the TaskRabbits to rate them — so you’ll be able to view their profiles and ratings before hiring them.  Unlike disorganized marketplaces such as Craigslist, TaskRabbit provides both organization and a sense of community — fostering trust.  Also, like the name implies, it also focuses on getting tasks completed for people, from running errands, packing boxes, to more skilled functions.

Poised for growth, TaskRabbit just hired Eric Grosse as their new CEO.  Grosse comes to TaskRabbit with an impressive list of accomplishments —  most recently serving as Expedia Worldwide’s first President.  They are a company to watch, but for right now, a company to use for fulfilling the tasks that you can’t do yourself.  If you are getting ready to move in the world of Lamorinda Real Estate, and are overwhelmed by all of the things you need to do, TaskRabbit.com is the perfect fit!  Here’s the link again, so hop on over:  TaskRabbit.com.

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