Stager Suggestions For Marketing Homes For Sale In Lafayette CA

Growing number of homes for sale in Lafayette CAProperly staging homes for sale in Lafayette CA can make the difference between a quick sale and a long, frustrating sales experience, which is why we always involve one of our stagers in the marketing of our properties.  The stager is critically important to the process of  properly “packaging” a home to appeal to the most likely potential buyers.  One look does not fit all homes, therefore we utilize several different stagers with specialties in different style homes, and we draw upon the furniture and accessory inventories of a variety of different providers.   We live in an online world where buyers make arrive at very quick judgements of homes that they would consider purchasing.  Creating the right first impression online AND in person is critically important.

Here are just a few of the ways that stagers can help market homes for sale in Lafayette CA.

1.  Paint Colors and Simple DIY

Stagers help sellers make difficult choices with pre-sale dollars. Our stagers understand the market, and they can help choose which colors will appeal to the largest section of buyers. They also are best attuned to which DIY projects sell homes. Without the guidance of a stager or realtor, homes regularly flood the market with boring neutral tones. Most sellers have been told that neutral colors sell homes, but in reality, neutral doesn’t mean the uninspired absence of colors in varying shades of white. Many paint brands have impressive palettes of off-white and gray shades that can make an impression on buyers. Understanding where to invest your pre-sale improvement dollars is a strategic first step in selling your home fast and at the top of the market.

2.  Maximizing Square Footage

One of the keys to selling a home is highlighting potential and space. Buyers want to imagine themselves living in the home. They need to be able to envision how they would use all the rooms. If each room is packed with furniture and personal items, then this only helps them remember that it’s your house. Buyers are looking for move-in ready homes that require little or no modification — turnkey-ready for them. Staging essentially helps get a home ready to be sold. Even in a sellers’ market, the staged home is the most competitive home.

3.  Enhancing Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the first impression made by your home, and it’s also an area where many sellers skimp on improvements. You can’t sell the home that you can’t get buyers to enter or explore online. Stagers suggest cleaning the exterior of your home using a power washing or soft washing service, which can also be used to clean walkways. Your home should be inviting and welcoming to buyers because first impressions are lasting. While you are working on the exterior of your home, don’t forget about one of the largest exterior features, your lawn. Many homes for sale in Lafayette CA have lawns that were starved for water for many months and are in need of a little TLC.  Potted plants and flower bowls are inexpensive landscaping improvements that can yield a very high return.