What’s New in the City of Lafayette CA?

by Ron
March 19, 2013

It’s Monday and I thought I’d depart from my “normal” format of financial and Lafayette real estate info, and instead lighten things up a bit at the start of the week with some informational items about what’s going on around town.

  • Normally known for being very conservative and thoughtful in its review and approval of new development in Lafayette, the Planning Commission has begun consideration of the “Terraces of Lafayette” project at Deer Hill Rd and Pleasant Hill Rd.  It is REALLY important that residents of Lafayette let their opinions be heard on this project.  With a location across the street from Acalanes High School, the traffic impact to an already very busy intersection will be quite significant if the developer is allowed to build the 315 proposed units that will add hundreds of cars to the road, primarily during the busiest commute times of the day.  There is substantial opposition to this project.  Learn more here.
  • In case anyone was wondering, the new construction next to the Lafayette Veterans Memorial Building will be the new headquarters for The Fresh Connection, an exporter of farm-fresh fruits and veggies.
  • For those of us who spent a many an evening eating ice cream at Fenton’s after studying for exams at Cal Berkeley, we were quite excited to hear that they were trying to craft a deal to resurrect the old Park Theater with the famous ice creamery as a tenant.  Unfortunately, it appears that the parties have reached an impasse.  Hopefully, they’ll find a way to reopen discussions.
  • With Safeway’s business on an upward vector as they continue to upscale both the store and their level of customer service in Lafayette, they’ve approached the City with a proposal to raze the old Valero gas station on Mt. Diablo Blvd, and add parking to their lot.
  • If you are wondering what might be built on all the land located behind Panda Express and south of the Bart Station, KB Homes is in the final approval stages for a condominium development there.
  • Although many of us were sad to see the long tradition of “Diamond Dave” at Petars come to an end several months ago, the former restaurant’s space will become the new location for The Cooperage, owned by Andrew McCormick.  Andrew owns the City Tavern in San Francisco’s Marina District.  He is the son of the co-founder of McCormick and Schmick’s.  The Cooperage will feature “roadhouse style” food.  If it’s unpretentious and tasty, it will certainly be successful here in Lafayette!
  • As one who has run out of quarters and ended up with a ticket on too many occasions,  I am happy to learn that the City of Lafayette has authorized the installation of new parking meters that accept credit cards!  I’d love to see the cost/benefit analysis on the investment.  Clearly, they are banking on car owners paying more for their parking than they would if they had to feed the meter with quarters, AND still getting lots of tickets for exceeding the paid parking time!
  • Another restaurant is going in at the former location of Pasta Per Tutti and the Garlic Garden, this time under better economic conditions by the former manager of the French Bakery.
  • Finally… the large construction project on Mt. Diablo near the infamous Bo’s Barbeque is an affordable senior housing project by Eden Housing.


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