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In northern California Team Rothenberg real estate has the perfect homes for sale. Lafayette, a wonderful small town outside the San Francisco Bay area, has easy access to San Francisco’s commercial and business opportunities while preserving the best features of a twenty-first century small town.

Family homes for sale, Lafayette, CA offers many

One of the biggest life challenges today is balancing career and family. Part of what makes this so challenging is that the best jobs and careers are frequently found in the big commercial sectors of large cities while the best homes are found in small communities. Finding a place to live that is near where you work but is actually somewhere you want to live is not easy. When you are looking at homes for sale, Lafayette is a great place to start if your career is in the San Francisco Bay area.

The town of Lafayette offers easy access the San Francisco either via BART or the freeway. If what you want is a great place to live and raise a family, with excellent schools, in a well-educated community, then Lafayette is the place you have been searching for. Lafayette also strives to efficiently utilize its tax dollars because the city government focuses on essential services: police, public works, planning and parks. All other services are done on contract.

Lafayette California has so much to offer; a gentle, moderate climate which is excellent for those who love outdoor recreation, parks, community gardens, and a library. There is a farmers market, community theater, and frequent festivals for arts, music, and food. The city government is small and transparent, with an emphasis on ethics and the environment; the Chamber of Commerce helps local businesses to adopt green practices.

Team Rothenberg can assist you to buy or sell the best homes for
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We are Ron and Susan Rothenberg; we are ourselves professionals with a family, and Lafayette is our home. Our understanding and experience make us especially qualified to help others to find the perfect home where they can build a balanced, happy life. We know that when you look at homes for sale, Lafayette will charm you all by itself; our job is to serve our clients through the strategy and negotiation that each real estate transaction requires. We use our organizational and communications skills and act as consultants to each client; we pride ourselves in taking time up front to understand what is most important to you. Let us help you explore all the wonderful homes for sale Lafayette California has to offer.