Wonderful Homes for sale in Lafayette CA

There are homes for sale in Lafayette CA; wonderful homes, beautiful homes in a variety of sizes and price ranges; and Team Rothenberg is ready to help you find the one that is perfect for you!

Lafayette has much to offer as a community

While successful careers are conducted in the business and trade centers of the world, these exciting, fast paced locations are not always good places to live and raise a family, or to retire in peace and safety. Many successful professionals are choosing to live in better neighborhoods and commute; this gives them more peace of mind and improved family life, with wholesome recreations nearby. Lafayette is an exclusive community with ample upscale shopping, parks, theater, and a small town feel while being within an easy commute to San Francisco and Oakland, either by car of by BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). Offering excellent schools, this is a great area to bring up a family; with mild temperatures and easy access to stores and restaurants, it is a great place to retire.

Put our team on your side

Don’t feel you need to go search homes for sale in Lafayette CA alone; Team Rothenberg assists each client as strategist, consultant, negotiator, and project manager. We have the drive, knowledge, and experience to find each client the perfect home. We live in Lafayette and have raised our family here which gives us a depth of knowledge and understanding of this community that is unsurpassed, and we take the time to get to know each client up front.

More about currently available homes for sale in Lafayette CA

At this time there is a variety of homes available; from two to seven bedrooms beginning in the middle five hundred thousand dollar range and going up. These are all premier homes. The trick is to figure out which one will meet each person’s needs and desires best, and that is where Team Rothenberg shines. We have built a reputation based upon professionalism, quality, integrity and the use of the finest technology to meet each client’s needs. There are no bad homes in Lafayette, but each client has their own “wish list” and each is different. Does this family want ease of maintenance, extra bedrooms, a pool, a yard, or high ceilings? We will not waste our client’s time looking at unsuitable homes. We take the time to get to know each client upfront so that when they take the time to go to look at a house it is a serious contender.

So remember Team Rothenberg if you are looking at homes for sale in Lafayette CA. You will be glad you did!