In Lafayette CA, homes for sale are treasures — a very special place to live!

Tucked away in the highly desirable Lamorinda area outside San Francisco is Lafayette CA. Homes for sale in this area are always in demand and Team Rothenberg can help you find the perfect home for your family, or sell the home you have if you need to relocate.

Let us do the work for you

You are a highly trained, experienced professional in your field, and we are highly trained and experienced in ours; there is so much more to buying a house than most people know, or have time to learn. Team Rothenberg assists our clients in four capacities. First as a strategist we follow the complex market dynamics of real estate; we are constantly doing the research in our field. Second, as a consultant we take the time, upfront, to get to know what each client is looking for, so that we can offer guidance that is honed to your needs and wishes. Once a client finds the home they want we view the negotiation as if it were our own to save money on purchases and maximize returns on each sale. Every real estate transaction takes hundreds of individual communications to bring it to a successful and timely conclusion; our organizational and communication skills make this process run smoothly for each of our clients.

Lafayette CA homes for sale are our passion

Why? While Team Rothenberg serves the entire Lamorinda area we live in Lafayette and we have raised our family here; so we know this community inside and out! We love the small town atmosphere, excellent stores and restaurants, wonderful parks and trails, and top notch schools, libraries, and cultural events. This is our town and we can tell you all about it, not because we read a data sheet, but because we live here! Unlike some communities where there may be hundreds of homes for sale and properties frequently change hands in Lafayette CA homes for sale are precious commodities; this is a stable community where people settle in and raise families. While there are a few high-end rentals, most residents own their homes. There are many neighborhoods, each with their own charm and character, and Team Rothenberg is ready and waiting to help you find the perfect property for your needs.

Let us help you get settled in Lafayette CA. Homes for sale in our own hometown are what we do best!