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Lafayette CA homes are a great place to live!

Team Rothenberg is the one real estate team that can help you find the perfect home in Lafayette. We are long-time residents of this area; we have raised our children here and can answer your questions from personal experience, not reading off a statistics sheet.

Close to the Bay area and still a world away

Lafayette CA homes are close enough to San Francisco and Oakland to commute by either car or BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit); yet it is far, far away from all the big city problems you want to protect your children from. Featuring top notch schools, plenty of parks, wholesome entertainment, and high end shops and restaurants; Lafayette is the perfect place for your family to live, to grow, and to blossom. There is actually a BART stop in Lafayette, so you can easily enjoy a stress free commute into town and home again; or if you prefer to drive it is a quick fifteen minutes on Route 24 to Oakland then across the bridge to San Francisco.

Lafayette CA homes are perfect for families

You and your family will love Lafayette CA. Homes are available in a variety of sizes and prices. You and your family can walk, bike, or drive to a variety of parks and hiking trails; there are libraries, theaters, cultural events, stores, and restaurants. With its small town feel and responsive city government, this is a community of the residents, by the residents, and for the residents. This is one place that is NOT driven by development with callous disregard for the quality of life. It is a clean, healthy, upscale environment that is perfect for those who are weary of city problems and wish their children to grow up in a good environment. Here at Team Rothenberg we can help you find the perfect home in Lafayette! We live here, and we know this area like the back of our hand, and we know these properties. We will never waste your time taking you around to properties that are not what you are looking for. If you want a four bedroom home with a large yard and a pool, we know where they are! If what you want is a home that is built for entertaining, or a low maintenance home near bike trails, or within walking distance of a certain church; no problem, we will find homes that fit your requirements and those are the homes we will show you!

We will be here waiting for you. Whenever you are ready to give yourself and your family the gift of a wonderful home in a safe, healthy, upscale community let Team Rothenberg introduce you to our beautiful Lafayette CA homes!