Lafayette CA City Guide and Video | Team Rothenberg

The Beauty and Charm of Lafayette, California

Lafayette, CA is the extraordinary community that has been our home for over 20 years. We have watched it grow from a sleepy little town with an understated downtown, to a sophisticated suburb with one of the most tastefully designed commercial and cultural town centers in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Within minutes of Lafayette’s distinctive neighborhood areas, you’ll find a charming collection of restaurants, boutiques, grocery shopping, and specialty stores.

The town of Lafayette has a population of approximately 24,000 people, comprised of about 9200 households. Within the over-25 year old age range, 71 % have college degrees, and close to half hold a graduate or professional degree. Excellence in education is at the heart of the culture in Lafayette. With some of the highest rated schools in California, parents are actively involved in all aspects of our superb public educational system.

Parental involvement often spans enhancing the classroom experience through teaching children about their careers and life experiences, in addition to raising substantial funds for academic enrichment programs and additional teachers that are not within the district’s budget. We will never forget the awe and fascination of our elementary school age son when one of the moms taught a module on NASA’s search for extraterrestrial life. At the time, she was a scientist leading NASA’s SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) program!

Our town is very proud of the 10+ years of planning and fund raising that went into the development of the Lafayette Library and Learning Center that opened in 2009.  Much more than a traditional “library”, it is an educational and cultural center with a vast array of learning resources, from areas devoted to tutoring our children after school, to technology and the Glenn Seaborg Learning Consortium. One of the partners of the consortium is the Commonwealth Club of California, known for its on-going lecture series featuring world-renowned speakers from arts, science and politics.

One of the most magical qualities of Lafayette is its incredible beauty and abundance of outdoor recreational areas that literally encircle the town.  Graceful rolling hills and thousands of acres of Briones Regional Park open space surround Lafayette. One of the most spectacular recreational sites is the Lafayette Reservoir with a paved walking path around its expansive waters, as well as the “rim trail” for more serious hikers. We’ve produced the following video to try and capture some of Lafayette’s captivating beauty for you.  We hope that it provides an introduction that moves you to take a closer look.