Listing Lafayette CA Homes for Sale

Selling your home can be complicated, and feel intimidating. With our help, listing Lafayette CA homes for sale becomes a much simpler process. Not only have we spent more than 20 years specializing in Lafayette CA real estate, but we are focused on getting the best possible deal for our clients.

Our Dedication to Lafayette, CA Real Estate

We pride ourselves on doing what is best for our clients. We understand the complexities of having a family and preparing for a move. Whether you are moving to another local residence or across the country, the challenges are often immense.  We offer our clients a vast array of resources that help you prepare to put your home on the market, stage it, prepare the outdoor living spaces, and even help you decide what to pack!  By staying involved and accessible, we try to add some peace of mind during a process that ordinarily can be quite stressful. Our business is personal, and we treat our clients as though we are the ones selling the home.  Our integrity, professionalism, and dedication to our clients help make us the top real estate agents in Lafayette CA.

We will tailor each sale process to the client we are serving to ensure a smooth sales experience and the optimal outcome. There is a reason that we specialize in the houses for sale Lafayette CA offers. We value quality over quantity, and strive to provide a quality experience to each and every client.

Our Experience with Lafayette CA Homes for Sale

At Team Rothenberg we have gained a deep understanding from more than 20 years of specializing in Lafayette CA homes for sale. We know the local area and its selling points, and are confident in our ability to help you sell your Lafayette home. Susan’s experience with people lends itself to creating the relationships needed to thrive in the real estate business. Likewise, Ron’s background in marketing and sales gave him a great foundation in the real estate market. Our knowledge gives us an edge handling Lafayette CA houses for sale.

As active members of the community, we truly understand it … we’ve actually LIVED it.  We have relationships all throughout the community, from school teachers to physicians, and business people.  We are very “connected” and can help you become established in our community, as well.

We are dedicated to providing a great experience to our clients.  When it comes to Lafayette CA homes for sale, we are the real estate agents you want on your side.