R O N  R O T H E N B E R G — License #01309986

Ron began his career in marketing and sales after graduating from the University of California, Berkeley with a B.A. degree, and then later adding an MBA in Marketing & Finance.  Prior to embarking upon a career in real estate about 12 years ago, he held various senior leadership positions in sales, marketing, and operations with Fortune 100 telecommunications and data networking companies.

Entering the world of real estate sales and marketing was a natural transition for Ron.   As a long-term investor in both commercial and residential properties, he already had a strong grasp of how financial and market dynamics influence pricing and the investment performance of real estate.  Ron’s professional experience in corporate America also enabled him to build a portfolio of skills in customer service, finance, sales, marketing, technology, and negotiating that few real estate professionals can match.

Over the years, he has continued to build upon his technical skills in the application of technology to the marketing of their clients’ homes, as well as provide all of their clients with timely and meaningful information about Lafayette CA real estate, the broader local markets, trends, opportunities and potential issues of importance.  Ron’s blog focuses on Lafayette CA real estate, and is just one of the many ways that Team Rothenberg uses web technology and social media for providing meaningful content to current and potential clients.

Ron and Susan are both people-oriented with an uncompromising sense of business ethics, personal integrity, and professionalism in everything they undertake.  Sales is an intensely personal business, and real estate sales is one of the most personal because of the enormous proportion of net worth involved in the purchase or sale of one’s home.   They measure their success based upon the quality of the professional services they provide to their clients, not by building a huge team to increase their revenue production at the expense of individualized, responsive client service.  While others in this industry are scaling up to increase market share, Ron and Susan’s goal is the ongoing pursuit of excellence.


S U S A N  R O T H E N B E R G — License #00857547

Susan received her undergraduate degree and graduate certifications in education from the University of California with highest honors, leading to a brief career in teaching and counseling.  Although she formally transitioned to real estate as a full-time profession over 20 years ago, Susan finds that her skills in negotiation, facilitation, and counseling are as important now as they were earlier in her education career.  Susan is intensely interested in people, and has built her business around the formation of meaningful relationships with her clients as they embark upon one of the most important financial transactions of their life.  Being a trusted consultant is one of the most important dimensions of this relationship.  Susan understands the financial magnitude of the real estate transaction, the importance of balancing the needs of a family, and the significant impact relocation will have on everyone involved.  She strives to make the real estate transaction a positive experience that leads to an exciting beginning in your new home.

Susan is extremely proud of the successful Lamorinda real estate business that Ron and she have built while maintaining an active level of involvement in their community and being involved parents with their two sons.  She sees this accomplishment as a reflection of their ability to understand people’s needs — being responsive, professional, and highly ethical in all of their real estate relationships.  Susan’s clients tell her that she really listens, and that she sincerely cares about them.  With over 80 percent of her business generated from client referrals, she truly strives to build long-term relationships.  Susan refers to it as simply developing clients for life!


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