Why you should check out Lafayette real estate

CA is a big state with lots of opportunities, perfect weather in the north, and many wonderful features; but many parts of it are not good places to live and raise a family. One option is to buy your home in an area near, but not in, a city. You can consider Lafayette real estate CA for just the kind of place you want, and Team Rothenberg is the realtor that can help you find the perfect home within easy commuting district of the bay area city centers.

Why Lafayette?

Real estate CA has always been tricky. The state offers beautiful weather, charming architecture, and exciting opportunities on one side, balanced by earthquakes, high rents, and crime on the other. Thanks to good highways and BART (the Bay Area Rapid Transit), it is now completely feasible to live in an idyllic place like Lafayette and still work in the San Francisco Bay area. It only takes about thirty minutes to drive to most places in San Francisco, and with a BART station right in Lafayette, it is easy to access San Francisco, Oakland and other areas without driving.

What Lafayette has to offer

Lafayette has mild weather all year long, uncomplicated by the smog concerns of the big cities. While no place in California is earthquake free, Lafayette has fewer, smaller, and less active faults than the coastal regions; it is also less developed, and therefore less vulnerable to collateral damage caused by one building falling and damaging nearby buildings.

Crime is low, and infrastructure is well maintained. Government is responsive to the residents, and every effort is made to maintain a safe, clean, family friendly environment. Our schools are top notch, and our community is wonderful and inclusive, with many churches of various denominations, plus synagogues, even a Buddhist center.

The town center is pedestrian and bicycle friendly. There are upscale restaurants, shops, and entertainments, as well as miles and miles of parks and trails in the surrounding areas. Lafayette real estate CA is not cheap; how could it be? But it has so much more to offer than city houses in the same price range.

Team Rothenberg can show you

We live right here in Lafayette, and we have raised our children here. If you want to look at Lafayette real estate CA, we are on the spot and in the center of this community, and we can help you find the right home for you and your family. With three to six bedroom houses currently available, and a wide variety of prices, our full service real estate office will help you close the deal on the best home you ever had with ease. So let Team Rothenberg show you the best Lafayette real estate CA has to offer.